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This is a game about Punching Goblins with your sword. It started out as a Superhero game in a medieval setting but it ended up becoming what it is now, with leftovers from the Superhero theme(Flying and Invulnerability).
You can Run around with WASD, left shift to move faster. Press the F key to fly around. Space to jump if you want. Left Click for Attack. ESC for Pause Menu. Because it is my first 3D Game I have worked on completely, hit boxes are pretty jank, and so it would have been unfair to include Player Health. Sorry.

Help the female villager and defeat the goblins. After a certain amount of Goblins punched, the big bad will show up to fight! Other than that, run around fly around and just have fun!

Big Thanks to Jake Gamelin for providing the Music and Sound Effects!!

Find him over on: https://twitter.com/CharaComposer

Install instructions

Unzip and run the EXE.


GoblinPuncher.zip 85 MB

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